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Game Features:

  • Randomly generated floors (with fog of war).
  • Randomly asigned scroll images and efects
  • Randomly generaded spell symbols
  • Multiples NPCs
  • Special floors
  • Multiple classes with perks

Game info:

Damned tower it's a roguelike, where you attempt to conquer the floors one by one, managing your options and resourses to get to the top.
Every move consume energy, and your run ends when you have no more energy.
Your tools are your pad and inventory.
The scrolls have randomly asigned effects for every run (use them from the inventory).
There are spells you can learn, also randomly generated (use them from the hexagon).
Differential autosave on every change

I am working into expanding the current systems and also adding new ones.


Movement - WASD
Use item - Right click
Select item - Left click
Sort inventory - Mouse
Cast spell - left click + draw to connect points.
Drop item - Drag item to player

Buy from NPC - click on it

Sell to NPC - drag treasure over it

Game features:


  • Orbs: used to cast spells
  • Gold: used for upgrades and heals
  • Treasures: they worth gold
  • Bread: a energy source
  • Scrolls: one use magic


  • Wall trap: a dart, hard to see
  • Spiked floor: they activate quickly and remain active.
  • Gas: breath this lowers your health.
  • Marmaid: covered by water, sings and atacks.
  • Watcher: escapes and blocks the exit


  • Hole: you can't move through it
  • Bladed floor: you can't move through it
  • Pile of rocks: hit them out of your way
  • Fake walls: hit them to make the illusion disappear
  • Narrow corridor: it takes extra effort to move through
  • Water: also takes extra effort to move



  • Shops: at the end of a corridor there is an npc
  • Altars: sacrifice max energy to get fill your new maximum.
  • Hidden treasures: treasures behind fake walls
  • Trap floor: a floor filled with wall traps
  • Toxic floor: a floor filled with gas.


   SPELLS (costs orbs to use):

  • SICCATUM: turns you into vapor
  • ELECTRICAE: generates electricity that break things and provides light
  • REVELES: shows points of interest
  • SALIRE: catapults you in a straight line.



  • REDITUS: teleports you to the entrance
  • EFFIGIUM: teleports you to the exit
  • VITAE: magically heals your energy
  • OSTENDERE: shows the entire floor
  • REVELES: shows points of interest
  • INFECTUM: generates pool of water

I apreciate any feedback.
Bug report, any thought on what's missing will also be taken in consideration.

It is my first big proyect so any advice will be apreciated.


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